I used to wonder who all those people were on TV shows and in movies who were constantly going into bathrooms and checking out their friends and neighbors’ medicine cabinets. I mean, who does that?

That said, I did do it, once, but I was looking for saline solution after waking up still wearing my contacts (this was before disposable lenses, ladies) following a super-drunk evening spent in the company of the man whose apartment I was waking up in. Luckily for me, we’d both been too wasted for anything to actually HAPPEN between us, as what I found when I opened up that medicine cabinet was a whole lot of pill bottles. We’re talking, I dunno, twenty or thirty pill bottles, all with names of drugs I’d never seen before — not even in my boarding school days of “pass your parents’ pain pills” roulette.

I was 22, and even though my eyes were dry and itchy, it was pretty clear I was staring at the one and only HIV cocktail-assortment I have ever been that close to. They man they belonged to was a lovely guy. I’m pretty sure he still is, thanks to modern miracles, (#iheartscience), and I am also incredibly grateful we both went to bed so drunk we woke up with all of our clothes on.

There but for the grace of god, people.

Anyway, this is a very different kind of medicine cabinet posting. This one is about how to keep track of the meds you give your kids — how much, how often, and to whom. Because seriously, it’s not that easy to keep track of how much Tylenol (ok scratch that, let’s be honest, it’s never Tylenol, they are ALWAYS recalling Tylenol) you are supposed to give your kids. It’s a little easier when you’ve only got one kid, and you’re pretty certain how much she weighs, and you’re pretty sure your ped told you to go with 1.2 cc — but even then, your husband/wife/partner/whomever doesn’t have a clue.

Which will become very clear if you ever send him to do a middle-of-the-night teething-pain-control-dosing and he comes back, turns on all the lights in your bedroom, and asks you where the generic Tylenol is.

Umm, did you actually LOOK for it? In the medicine cabinet? Where our meds live?

Still, leave the poor guy alone, because once you have two kids or more, keeping this shit straight is damned near impossible — which is why I went over to (no, I am not telling you to co-sleep until your kid is ten, but the man is chockfull of WAY more useful info, really) and copied his Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, and Diphenhydramine lists into much more handy PDF downloads for you!

Go get them. Then go tape them in your medicine cabinet or wherever else you post this sort of information — AND DON’T FORGET TO ALSO POINT OUT HOW MUCH YOUR KID WEIGHS, so that everyone who needs that info has it.

Here’s how I do it:

1. Those are the cool Dr. Sears Charts I made.

2. They’re posted to the door with Stickr (corners). Love these!

3. I’ve also put up Post-it Super Sticky Full Adhesive Notes with each kid’s current weight, dated by last pediatrics appointment (or the last time I noticed they’d grown significantly per their constant fiddling around with my scale), plus any allergies they’ve got. Here’s a shot of that:

I use these Post-its EVERYWHERE in our house, by the way, and yes, the kids ARE color-coded. More on that to come, promise!

Anyway: this is a pretty great system, if I do say so myself — mostly because I can just show it to anyone who comes to watch the kids really quickly — and because it helps me compensate for my ridiculous Mommy-brain. Seriously: ask me when Gaga’ birthday is. Here’s what I can tell you — it’s either the 26th or the 18th. (God help me when she can read this stuff.)

Oh, and you wanna go see ANOTHER cool medicine cabinet trick? Check this cool thing my pal at SteelMyLunch sent my way:


This is now pinned — along with some other nifty shit — over at my Pinterest boards.

Have you got other medicine tips to share? FB me, Tweet me, or Pin me! I can’t get enough of this stuff, truly — so keep it coming, dear readers, keep it coming.



  1. I believe I need to start with, “I can see everything in my medicine cabinet?”….
    that or…
    “I can consolidate the medications that have migrated upstairs to the linen closet and herd them back down to the original cupboard that now holds candles and hearing aid batteries?”

    …things that never occurred to me simply because I have been ransomed to what is now their chaotic convenience.

    • I hear that! To be honest, we have doubles and triplicates of a lot of the the kids meds — near the boys’ changing table, in the upstairs powder room, and for some reason, on the bar. But I do try to keep the medicine cabinet stocked so I can claim the moral high-ground when arguing about WHERE IS THE (not)TYLENOL? at 3 am.

  2. I should clarify my above after thought. This was my before thought – a.k.a. look at your INCREDIBLY comprehensive medicine cabinet!! You are one impressive bad-ass mom!!

  3. I just want to reiterate how awesome you are, dear friend. Even though I have been raising my kids for almost four years, I just spent the morning printing out dosage charts and updating my medicine cabinets and in general worshipping you, thanking god that someone in my life is organized. It’s never too late to make your life easier. xoxo

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