MacGyver Mommy: Citi Mini Hack!

Check out what my old friends and Brand Newbie Superparents went and did to their Citi Mini! Seriously — they are less than two months into being parents and they’ve already gone way and beyond me in stroller-land:


Yep, you’re looking at a Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini Single Stroller plus the Car Seat Adaptor — only my Newbie Superparent pals brilliantly unsnapped the cover of the seat, making the basket underneath more accessible.


I so wish I could say I had come up with this myself — I mean, come on, I have four tiny kids, I am CONSTANTLY pitching this stroller to people, I seriously ought to own STOCK in the Citi Mini at this point — but the fact is, I didn’t come up with this genius way to turn a Citi Mini into a much lighter, more flexible, more easily maneuverable, WAY MORE useful-in-the-long-term facsimile of … you got it: a SNAP-AND-GO!

Which now gives you ONE LESS REASON TO GO WASTE YOUR CASH on one. Do this, instead!

Just know a couple of things before you do:

1. Unsnapping the cover means, umm … you’re going to have to re-snap it eventually.

My Newbie Superdad was worried that might be a major PITA, but I went and did this whole trick to my own Citi Mini tonight, just so I could tell you it WASN’T a PITA without lying to you … and lo-and-behold: IT WASN’T!

So unsnap and re-snap away.(That said, if you’re not particularly good with visualizing how things go back together, keep your instructions handy.)


That handle is a big part of why I think this stroller is so hot — it allows for one-handed folding — and I can tell you I not once but many many times managed to hold a toddler on my hip and a baby in my Ergo and fold this stroller flat with my free hand.


That said, if you un-snap the cover of the stroller, you MAY lose your “PULL TO FOLD” HANDLE. I didn’t — my stroller is a 2008 model, and the strap is separate from the rest of the cover, so I just pulled it free and re-attached it to the appropriate loops so that I could retain the folding mechanism while the stroller was in its MacGyver Mini mode. (Oh, and: that’s the Baby Jogger Glider Board on the back of the stroller, in case you’re wondering.)

I don’t know for a fact if the newest models work this way. If they don’t, just tie a string to those folding-loops, and you’ll get the same effect.

Here’s a close-up of the folding loops:

Super cool, right?

What awesome MacGyver Mommy tricks have you come up with? I’d love to hear about them!


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