Your Cell Phone Pix Know What You Did Last Summer. AND WHERE!

What I meant to blog about today is really amazingly scary.

But, since I went out with Mr. Big(Ideas) tonight for an impromptu date night after visiting friends and their new baby, and since that date night involved a bottle of wine, and since I no longer have anyone to drunk dial so now I live in fear of drunk blogging instead — I leave you with this video, which will explain to you what I mean by JESUS IS THIS FRIGHTENING WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT HOW MANY PHOTOS OF YOUR KIDS YOU HAVE TAKEN ON YOUR PHONE!

Watch the video. Do what it says. Lock down your cell phone pix!

And then check back tomorrow so I can tell you all the wonderful things I learned about teaching my kids to protect themselves from bad guys at a seminar at Diddy and Gaga’s preschool last month. Great stuff, I promise.


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